During this virtual AR Community meeting on Thursday January 22, 2015 participants learned about ADL Experience API (xAPI), the ADL Design Cohort system and all the details necessary to quickly get involved in the next Design Cohort (kickoff meeting January 30, 2015). 

Craig Wiggins, an instructional designer, developer and specialist in xAPI community engagement working for ADL, and Jason Haag, member of the ADL Technical Team specializing in mobile, provided the overview and answered questions about the AR and xAPI Design Cohort activity.

For additional background about xAPI we recommend you visit this page and/or watch this short YouTube video. This presentation offers background about past Design Cohorts

The page about the 3rd ADL xAPI Design Cohort is found here.

Date/Times Speakers Agenda


January 22, 2015

5:30 AM Pacific US

8:30 AM Eastern US

2:30 PM Central European Time

8:30 PM Singapore, China 



Craig Wiggins

Jason Haag





Introduction to ADL xAPI

Design Cohort Philosophy

Next Design Cohort and invitation for AR developers to participate

This meeting was hosted by the IEEE Standards AssociationIEEE-logo