During this virtual AR Community meeting on Monday October 27, 2014 participants learned about the AR Discovery project, a collaboration among volunteer members of the AR Discovery task force to explore possible architectures and prototype AR discovery services.

Christine Perey (PEREY Research & Consulting) described the problems that discovery services can address and the scope of the AR Discovery project.

Members of the task force shared the use cases we have defined, the components we envisage in the architecture and plans moving forward. We are looking for AR Experience developers who would like to work with us by contributing their experiences in the test bed/pilot project. 

Click on the topic in the table to download the PDF of the presentation used during this meeting. The archive of the webinar is in this page below the table.

Date/Times Speakers Agenda


October 27, 2014
8 AM Pacific US
11 AM Eastern US
5 PM Central European Time
11 PM Singapore, China
midnight Korea, Japan


Christine Perey

Josh Lieberman


Steve Browdy


What's the big

Use Cases for
AR Discovery Services

Next Steps and
how to contribute to
the project



Those who wish may consult the AR Discovery Project page

This meeting was hosted and the recording is archived for playback by the IEEE Standards Association