This page is an expansion of information summarized on the Commuity Resources page. It is provided to support the operation of a task force or group dedicated to clarifying communications and reducing potential for misunderstandings due to inconsistent or incomplete definitions. This goal will be achieved by:

– the sharing of knowledge about how to describe the parts and the use of Augmented Reality
 the collaborative development of vocabulary for describing Augmented Reality and the components of AR-enabled systems
– encouraging the widespread consistent usage of such terms as defined in one or more glossaries and 
– the continuous cataloging of new terms and/or retiring of outdated terms over time


In November 2014, Greg Babb of TextLogic prepared a comprehensive analysis of similarities and differences between the AR Glossary v 2.2 and the terminology section of the Draft Mixed and Augmented Reality Reference Model. The analysis can be accessed here.


For background on this activity, please review these assets:

AR Glossary v 2.2 led by Christine Perey and Ben Butchart: the community members collaborated on a preliminary glossary until May 2012. The Glossary v 2.2 is available here in PDF and here in HTML format.
– Draft Mixed and Augmented Reality Reference Model: This is the key deliverable of the ISO Joint ad hoc Group for MAR Reference Model. Section 6 offers definitions of terms used in the Reference Model.
– To hear about the status and opportunities for this activity, listen to the recording of the IEEE-hosted November 24, 2014 virtual meeting available here.

Learn more about and connect with the three experts, explore their affilitions and download their slides: 
     – Ben Butchart, EDINA  slides
    – Greg Babb, TextLogic  slides 
    – Tony Liao, Temple University  slides

Mailing List

Discussion of the topics to be addressed by this group is archived and anyone can join the Glossary mailing list.