During this virtual AR Community meeting on Monday November 24, 2014 participants learned about the status of AR terms (what are the terms, who uses them?) and we discussed possible steps to update, expand and validate the community's AR Glossary.

Ben Butchart (EDINA Geospatial Services) provided some background on development of terminology and introduce the AR Glossary version 2.2.  

Greg Babb shared his analysis of the terms in the MAR Reference Model

Tony Liao presented about trends in use of AR-specific trends and discussed how to contribute to development of a universally-accepted and utilized glossary of AR terminology. 

Date/Times Speakers Agenda


November 24, 2014
7 AM Pacific US
10 AM Eastern US
4 PM Central European Time
10 PM Singapore, China
11 PM Korea, Japan


Ben Butchart

Greg Babb

Tony Liao



Context and background

Terms in the MAR Reference Model

Trends Analysis

Next Steps and
how to contribute to
the glossary



Those who wish may consult the AR Glossary page and the current edition of the MAR Reference Model in advance of the meeting. 

This meeting was hosted by the IEEE Standards AssociationIEEE-logo


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