Meeting Notes

  • Roll call and introductions of participants
     6 attendees
  • Purposes/Objectives of the Virtual Meetings
    First and foremost the virtual meetings are to expand the community impact and increase output by offering an alternative to contributing to the AR Standards Community Resources in face-to-face meetings or on the mailing list.

    ACTION ITEM: Create an elevator pitch presentation and document and some text for use on main landing page which explains the AR Community and ties the work to business objectives and directs the visitor to concrete outputs of the community such as the resources and the documentation of community acitivity on mailing list and the meetings.

  • What are AR Community Resources?
    The current resources of the AR Standards Community include:
  1. AR Standards landscape and status of what each SDO we are tracking is doing in the area of AR
  2. AR vocabulary and definition of terms (also numerous posts on the mailing list)
  3. AR Use cases and Use case categories
  4. Open letter to AR-related subsystems providers and Communications plan
  5. archives of all discussions on mailing list (public) and documents (position papers) contributed to and presentations made during face-to-face meetings
  • What is the status of each?
    These resources differ in their level of maturity and they are not all well maintained.
  1. AR Standards Landscape has not been refreshed since Oct 2010
  2. Status of SDOs in AR was refreshed June 2011
  3. AR Vocabulary in Google docs is not refreshed but some notes regarding this topic are in the Notes of June 16 and mailing list archives
  4. AR use cases and use case categories was moved forward Feb 2011
  5. Open letter was last modified March 12
  6. Communication plan for the open letter was last modified March 13
  7. mailing list archives are always current
  8. documents and presentations from past meetings are all maintained current
  • How to collaborate/advance the resources?
    We brainstormed and heard opinions from different attendees about the best tools for collaborating on these resources. The "old fashion" way which entails having an editor who is responsible for maintaining a resource and integrating the inputs and feedback of the community is most prevalent among those who are working on similar documents or resources in SDOs.

    We would like to put more of our resources "in progress" on Google docs and to use that for development of the early stages.
    ACTION ITEM: Create a workflow for community members who wish to contribute to an existing resource or to start work on a new resource.

    We also discussed the possibility of forming vertically oriented (market or domain specific) Special Interest Groups. The SIGs would be formed amongst people who share a common interest in a domain or subject matter and drive user requirements into the AR Standards Community resources.