Open and interoperable Augmented Reality tools will provide publishers the largest audiences (aka "reach") and users with the greatest variety of experiences, without sacrificing choice of AR-enabled players.

This portal is dedicated to advancing the dialog around open and interoperable AR as well as documenting the sources of specifications and interfaces that provide alternatives to single-vendor silos. Our open AR Community meetings bring together stakeholders for status updates and provide a platform for collaboration among those who might not otherwise have an interest or a desire to work towards open and interoperable AR. 

Workshop Details

Date and time: May 27, 2014 1:30 to 5:30 PM

Purpose: This workshop at AWE2014 is designed to provide professional developers a four-hour nuts-and-bolts session on the approaches and resources available today for those who want to reach the largest audience with compelling experiences.

Attendees are provided an opportunity to:

  • Get up to speed on open source projects and standards that are available today for use in interoperable AR deployments and tools
  • Discover how to access and contribute to new projects and standards under development
  • See first-hand the latest examples of open and interoperable AR implementations


Click on the session title in the table below to open the presentation.

Session Topics Speaker
30 min Introduction and Overview of Open and Interoperable AR Christine Perey
60 min

Relevant Standards by Standards Development Organization (SDO): 
    – Khronos Group  [video]

    – IEEE SA [video]

    – Open Geospatial Consortium

Neil Trevett

Mary Lynne Nielsen

Martin Lechner

30 min AR in Manufacturing Workflow Reference Model  [video] Fridolin Wild
30 min AR Browser Interoperability Architecture and Status [video] Martin Lechner
Dirk Groten
30 min

Open Source Projects  [video]
    – Augmented Web
    – Georgia Tech Argon browser
    – ARgh!

Rob Manson
Blair MacIntyre
Fridolin Wild

60 min Live demonstrations and discussion topics  

If you have any questions, please contact Christine Perey.