The Sixth Meeting of the International AR Standards Community will be designed to reflect the needs and interests of the community seeking open and interoperable AR content and experiences.

In order to plan for these needs and to accommodate the interests, the community members are HIGHLY ENCOURAGED to prepare and submit position papers. This page provides all information necessary for preparation and submission of position papers for the sixth community meeting.

Past Position Papers

When considering how to contribute to the community, we recommend that you begin by reviewing previously submitted position papers.

  • In October 2010, the first meeting position papers.
  • In February 2011, the second meeting outputs are found on this page.
    Position papers contributed by/for the second meeting are found here.
  • In June 2011, the third meeting position papers and pre-reading are available on this page.
  • In October 2011, the fourth meeting position papers and pre-reading are available on this page.
  • In March 2012, the fifth meeting position papers and pre-reading are available on this page.


New contributions specifically designed to inform the community about new developments, or topics not previously covered in our meetings of the community are welcome.

Papers must be relevant to the topic of open interfaces and platforms for Augmented Reality. They may make recommendations regarding reuse of existing standards, make arguments for or against specific strategies, propose new approaches and, optionally, contain examples.


Allowed formats are HTML/XHTML or PDF.

All papers must:

  • be 1 to 8 pages in length
  • be written in English
  • include a title, names of authors, affiliation of authors on the top of first page
  • have author contact e-mail in the title block (above) or as a footnote on page 1
  • have page numbers and the words
    "International AR Standards Meeting-July 23-24, 2012" in the footer of the page(s)

Submission procedure

There will be a two phase submission process in order to encourage early preparation.

Abstracts: All those planning to submit a full position paper for the fourth meeting are invited to send a brief synopsis of 500 words on or before June 7, 2012 . This will assist the Program Committee in identifying and inviting speakers.

Final position papers: Full position papers, or the URL of the position paper if it is published on the Web in HTML or PDF format, must be sent via e-mail to Christine Perey.

Each author of a paper which is on relevant topics will receive acknowledgement (notification of acceptance) e-mail from meeting co-chairs upon submission of a paper which the program committee deems as meeting the guidelines of the workshop.


Abstracts are due June 7, 2012.

All final position papers must be submitted on or before 5 PM UK time June 22, 2012.

Notifications with suggested modifications will be made promptly (within one week of receipt of submission).

Terms and conditions

Submitting a paper constitutes acceptance of the terms below.

  • All papers must be original in content, or extensions of previously published content, authored by one or more participants.
  • In making the submission of a paper, the meeting participant accepts that
    the organizers will publish on the Web and at their discretion the content of
    the position paper.
  • Meeting organizers are not responsible for accuracy of final paper contents.
  • Organizers are at liberty to decide if content of submitted paper is not
    in the scope of the meeting and elect not to publish papers considered out of scope.