Third Meeting Presentation Files

This page serves to compile and to make available to the community the presentations of the Third International AR Standards Meeting. The session IDs refer to the sessions of our meeting agenda.  

If you seek additional information, please consult the page of Recommended Readings and Position Papers which is also organized by session ID, contact presenters directly or plan to attend the next community meeting.

session ID Presentation Title Speaker, Affiliation
1 Meeting Kick off: Background and Objectives Christine Perey,
PEREY Research & Consulting
2 OMA Mobile AR Services Enabler Doug Knisely, Qualcomm
2 OGC Overview Carl Reed, OGC
2 OGC 3D IM WG and AR Scott Simmons, Caci
2 Khronos Group Standards and AR Neil Trevett, Khronos Group & NVIDIA
3 W3C POI WG Martin Lechner, Wikitude
3 HTML5 and AR Lars Erik Bolstad, Opera Software
3 W3C and Web-based AR Lars Erik Bolstad, Opera Software
3 ISO JTC 1 SC 24 WG6 on AR Gerry Kim, Korea University
4 AR Architectures Survey and Requirements Gerry Kim, Korea University
4 AR Architectures Processes George Percivall, OGC
4 A Mobile AR Web Architecture Timo Engelke, Fraunhofer IGD
MMDWG ARML-KML-based Augmented Reality Martin Lechner, Wikitude
7 Meeting Day Two: Achievements and Agenda Christine Perey,
PEREY Research & Consulting
8 AR and Spatial Law Kevin Pomfret, Center for Spatial Law
8 Personal Data Ecosystem Overview Kaliya Hamlin,
Personal Data Ecosystem Consortium
9 Sensors, Sensor Web and AR Ingo Simonis,
Int'l Geospatial Services Institute
10 Center for Testing & Interoperability (ETSI) Anthony Wiles, ETSI
10 Khronos Group Conformance Processes Neil Trevett, Khronos Group and NVIDIA
10 OGC Interoperability Program Overview and AR George Percivall, OGC