In order to fully benefit from the Twelfth AR Community Meeting, participants are encouraged to familiarize themselves in advance with the materials listed below (and all the previous meetings).

Some of these resources are position papers submitted by participants and/or authors who plan to contribute to the meeting and were submitted according the position paper guidelines for this meeting.

In addition, we provide links to relevant web pages and other web-based documentation that can be read as background for participants new to the topics covered or proposed.

These recommended reading materials are listed by session relevance (see the meeting agenda page). Presentations given during the meeting will be made available shortly after the meeting on the agenda page.

If you have suggestions for this table, please send them via e-mail to Christine Perey.

Position Papers and other Recommended Readings by Session

Session ID Title Author/Attribution
2 Sensor Working Group MIPI Alliance
2 glTF Khronos Group
2 Vulkan Khronos Group
2 OpenVX Khronos Group
2 OpenKCam WG Khronos Group
2 Media Capture Depth Stream Extensions W3C WebRTP WG and W3C Device APIs WG
2 Media Capture and Streams W3C WebRTP WG
2 W3C Sensor API W3C DAP WG
2 W3C GeoLoc July 2014 draft W3C GeoLoc WG
2 W3C Device Orientation Event Specification W3C GeoLoc WG
2 OMA DeviceConnect draft specification and Info page Open Mobile Alliance
2 MAR Reference Model
(Unofficial Committee Draft)
ISO/IEC JTC1 Joint Adhoc Group on MAR RM
2 Augmented Reality Application Format v.1
(current draft v.2)
2 Web 3D Consortium AR Roadmap for X3D Web 3D Consortium
3 Current Status of AR in OGC Open Geospatial Consortium
3 OGC SWE Work Group overview and High Level Architecture OGC SWE SWG
3 OpenPOI Repository OGC Interoperability Program
3 3D Portrayal Service Candidate Standard OGC 3D Portrayal SWG
3 IndoorML OGC IndoorML SWG
3 OGC 3DIM Domain Working Goupr and (3D PIE) OGC 3DIM DWG
3 Urban Planning Domain Working Group OGC UP DWG
3 OGC ARML 2.0 Specification OGC ARML 2.0 SWG
3 OGC Moving Features OGC Moving Features SWG
3 SensorWeb for IoT SWG OGC Sensor Web for IoT SWG
3 IEEE AR Industry Connections IEEE SA
3 List of Potentially Relevant Standards IEEE SA
3 IEEE AR Learning Experience Model WG IEEE LTSC
3 DITA Technical Communications TC OASIS 
3 Center for Information Development Management  CIDM
4 AR Discovery Page on this site and Oct 2014 Webinar AR Discovery Task Force
4 Projection AR for Intel Manufacturing and 
Using Unity and Vuforia
Best Practices Task Force
5 DRAFT MPEG White Paper on 3D Video Compression 3D Compression and Transmission Task Force
5 glTF Tutorial (GTC 2014) and glTF Status as of Sept 2014 Khronos Group
5 Subjective Quality Assessment of Compressed 3D Video Communication University of China
5 2015 City Modeling Competition Web3D Consortium
5 AR Glossary Status Update (Nov 2014) AR Community 
5 Glossary of AR Terms v 2.2 AR Community
5 Glossary of AR Terms metaio
5 Definition of AR-Discussions in early 2013 AR Community
5 EU Location Vocabulary (Blog by Raj) Raj Singh, OGC
7 AR in Technical Communications (Position Paper) Greg Babb and Christine Perey
7 Article in TCWorld (Oct 2011) Dr. Ralf Wienken, Xinfo Wieland Sacher Company
7 Article in TCWorld (March 2013) Juergen Lumera, Bosch
7 Article in TCWorld (April 2014) Oliver Vogt, Semcon Munich GmbH
7 A Reference Model for Context-Aware Mobile Services Jacqueline Floch, et al.,
SINTEF Telecom and Informatics
8 xAPI and AR Program  
8 Smart Learning in Factory Environments TELL-ME Project
8 ADL Experience API ADL
10 Blog about Web-based AR in Education Maria Politis
10 Argon GA Tech Augmented Environments Lab
11 Fluid Interfaces Lab MIT Media Lab
11 Manufacturing AR System Project Fluid Interfaces Lab
11 Smarter Objects Project and Smarter Objects Web site Fluid Interfaces Lab
  AR Standards LandscapeExisting Standards for AREmerging Standards for AR Community Resources