In order to support maximum community member engagement and to maintain our momentum on the community resources development, the community can participate in virtual meetings.

Upcoming Virtual Meetings

Dates for virtual meetings are maintained on this page and announced on the “news” mailing list and the “discussion” mailing list of the AR Community. These lists are open and archived.

Date/Times Hosts/Speaker Topic/Theme
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to open the meeting page
November 2, 2015
2 AM Pacific US
5 AM Eastern US
11 AM Central European Time
5 PM Singapore, China
6 PM Korea
Christine Perey



Gerry Kim, Korea University

Marius Preda, Institut Telecom Sud-Paris



Mixed and Augmented Reality Reference Model status update

To register/receive dial in bridge details

Participation in the virtual AR Community meetings is open and there is no charge except for the connection charges which the caller must bear.

To register and receive dial in bridge information via an e-mail go to the meeting page and click on the link for that meeting’s bridge detail.

Past Virtual Meetings

Meeting recordings are accessible on the meeting information pages.

Date/Times Hosts/Co-Chairs Topic/Theme
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to open the meeting page)
January 22, 2015 Christine Perey Introduction to the Augmented Reality and xAPI Design Cohort
November 24, 2014 Christine Perey AR Terms
and Glossary
October 27, 2014 Christine Perey AR Discovery Project
Status Update
September 29, 2014 Christine Perey

Marius Preda

Sang Chul Kang

Mixed and Augmented Reality
Reference Model overview and
use examples

If you are looking for the meeting page for our July 2011 virtual meeting, you will find it here.