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Content for the Community

The participants of the International AR Standards Meeting in Seoul
contributed content in the form of presentations and developed outputs for
future reference. Unless noted otherwise, these works are in the public domain
and can be reproduced with attribution of the International AR Standards Meeting
as their source. Their use and re-use by the global communities is highly
encouraged for all those who will benefit from future AR Standards.

This page is Subject to Change. Modifications or recommendations
should be sent to Christine Perey.

Last modified Oct 16, 2010 21h30 Korean Time

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Meeting tweets are found here.

UStream channel of the two day meeting is available.
The opening session is here. The concluding/planning session is here.


The most current overview/final summary of the International AR Standards meeting is available here.

Title Author/Source Affiliation
Welcome/Opening Remarks Christine Perey and co-chairs PEREY Research & Consulting
The Role of Standards in the development of AR Jens de Smit SURFnet
Prerequisites for Open AR Standards Alex Hill Georgia Tech, Augmented Environment Lab
Martin Lechner Mobilizy
Patterns of Interest Proposal Rob Manson Mobile On-line Business Labs
Special Considerations
for Mobile AR
Timo Engelke Fraunhofer IGD
A declarative approach for multimedia
POI with behaviors
Jacques Lemordant INRIA Labs
Extending X3D for Representing
Interactive Mixed Reality Contents
Kangyun Yim and Gerry Kim Korea University
Open Standards for Mobile Visual AR Neil Trevett Khronos Group
Overview of the OGC for AR Community Jinsoo You OGC Korea Forum
Opening Day 2 Christine Perey PEREY Research & Consulting
A Web Services Platform for
Augmented Reality Solutions
Petros Belimpasakis Nokia Research Center
Introduction to W3C Patent Policy Matt Womer W3C
X3D in a Nutshell
X3dom/Instant Reality
Timo Engelke Fraunhofer IGD

Other Files and Figures developed by participants and Links used/shared during the meeting

Title Author/Source Affiliation
Landscape of AR topics in scope All Participants
AR Vocabulary All participants
OGC Reference Model
OGC published standards
OGC Network
Calendar of Upcoming OGC Events
Open GeoSpatial Consortium
POI WG Main Page
POI WG Charter
POI WG Mailing List Archive
X3dom Overview Page X3D
Inputs to Khronos Group All participants TO COME FROM
AR Architectural Stack
(comments on existing proposals)
All participants TO COME FROM
Notes of X3D Standard for AR Discussion All participants
Comparison of ML proposals All Participants
Three AR Use Cases All Participants
Comparison of POI from Google Maps and OpenStreetMaps Jacques Lemordant INRIA Labs
Discussion about workshop learnings/conclusions All participants