Application Challenge

Why should you create an experience? The AR-4-Basel Application Challenge is a unique opportunity for developers to 

  • experiment with and hone their skills on digital data made available by the administration of Basel and 3rd party data sources
  • develop experiences that are richer and more satisfying for target audiences as a result of beginning with the most accurate representations of urban reality
  • gain recognition across the industry, amongst large brands headquartered in Basel, and globally
  • win awards and prizes.

The App Challenge is open and free for anyone wishing to participate.

To participate, a developer must CHOOSE, REQUEST, DESIGN and STORE.

To choose:

       If you do not have a special interest, you can begin with the default data sets for the project.

       Return to the site regularly. There will be additional data sets available from public and private sources and the data sets we have will be published in more formats.

To request:

  • complete the data set request form which is appropriate for the data set you wish and agree to the terms and conditions,
    • there is the default data set from the Land and Survey department (GVA)
    • there is the data set from the Industrial Werks of Basel (IWB)
    • there is a data set from Basel Tourism (BT)
    • there is a 3D city model in CItyGML format from GTA Geoinformatik (GTA) and
    • there is the floor plans of the Congress Center Basel (MCH)
  • if you wish another data set (other than those mentioned above), or you want the data in alternate formats, you should contact us with your specific request
  • register interest and sign up for informational AR-4-Basel project announcements by way of the Get Involved form

To design:

  • using the tools of your choice, create an exciting experience accessible from any consumer AR-compatible device
  • mix and match from any of the data sets available to be as creative as possible

To store:

  • store the digital data you have received for this project in a manner compliant with the data supplier Ts& Cs and the AR platform and tools of choice
  • make the service or application available via an application store, in an AR browser or another means.

Once the developer has created an AR experience using one or more of the data sets made available via this project and the tools of your choice, the submission process is simple. To submit on or before October 15:

  • publish the service or application and confirm availability
  • complete the submission form


All the applications submitted for the AR-4-Basel Application Challenge prior to September 25 will be tested live in Basel by our volunteers. If you require an extension to this deadline, please contact us.

Our volunteers will test installation on the platform specified by the developer, interactions, performance metrics and compare these with the specifications provided as part of the submission form.

Volunteers will complete feedback forms within 24 hours of testing and remain available to the developer for follow up testing and feedback.

Applications submitted later than September 25 may be tested, but we cannot guarantee timely reply and feedback.


The applications and services submitted in accordance with guidelines and prior to October 15, 2011 will be evaluated according to criteria set forth by a panel of objective and expert judges.

Criteria will, at minimum, include:

  • Technical innovation
  • Novelty of the user experience
  • Use of Basel data

Other category specific criteria maybe added at a later date.

Prizes and Awards

We will award, to the winners of the AR-4-Basel Application Challenge at least the following prizes:

  • A weekend for two in Basel (sponsor: Basel Tourism)
  • Full commercial license to use the metaio junaio Plug-In on your AR-4-Basel experience (one is available, sponsor: metaio)
  • Full commercial license of AR Toolkit (10 of these have been donated, sponsor: AR Toolworks)
  • Full conference pass for October 26 AR Today event (two of these have been donated, sponsor: empea)

In addition, we are soliciting the support of local, regional and international business partners to provide special prizes and awards to developers of exciting experiences based on the digital city data sets made available through this project.

Visit this page to learn more about prizes to be donated and awarded to winning developers.


There will be a special awards ceremony and showcase event held on October 25, 2011 during which the winners and runner ups of each category will be featured. Our public relations and media awareness program will ensure that the AR-4-Basel Application Challenge winners will receive the highest possible promotion across all media channels available.