The Internet of Things is an important and rapidly growing domain but difficult to get started because it touches several different specialties: software development for small devices, networking, electronics, and, in some cases, also mechanics.

This workshop will provide those who want to experiment with IoT concepts the skills and tools they will need to begin turning their ideas into projects for personal satisfaction or professional benefits. You will have experience with one open source hardware and software platform and will take your prototyping board with you at the conclusion of the workshop.

This workshop is open to all interested parties who register in advance and pay a participation fee. The fee will cover the costs of the meeting facility, hardware components and other materials.

If you wish to learn more about Internet of Things prior to attending the workshop, please register on Meetup.com and join the IoT Zurich Meetup Group

  • Workshop-At-A-Glance

    Date: Saturday July 7, 2012
    Time: 10:00 to 18:00
    Location: MechArt Lab
    Hohlstrasse 52
    CH-8031 Z├╝rich

    Fee: Approx CHF200

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