Augmented Reality brings digital information into the real world in response to real time user context. It's time that your projects take full advantage of all that Augmented Reality has to offer. Two workshops will be conducted to get your business from the sidelines into the fast lane.

The purpose of the Friday March 16 workshop is to introduce Augmented Reality to decision makers and owners of digital content, including 3D models and geospatial data, explaining the business cases and the new ways their assets can be utilized and visualized in real time.

The purpose of the Saturday March 17 workshop is to share with developers how they can use the latest tools and techniques for developing high quality AR "experiences" for their audiences.

Take the opportunity to explore this web site where we will answer these questions:

  • Friday March 16 3 PM to 6 PM

    The Decision Maker's Guide
    to Augmented Reality
    will present the technology building
    blocks and demonstrate how they
    are being used in real world settings.

  • Saturday March 17 9 AM to 6:00 PM

    The Augmented Reality
    tool chest for Developers

    takes you from concept to practical
    experience. Our examples and tutorials
    permit a software developer to get started
    with the basic AR enhancements.

  • Workshop Venue

    Both the AR in Texas Workshops
    will be conducted at the
    CoHabitat Dallas Space
    2517 Thomas Avenue
    Dallas, Texas 75201
    Google Map