Christine Perey is a spime wrangler and evangelist. She came to this conclusion after nearly two decades as a consultant, analyst and advisor to companies, young and old. In her youth she wrangled on horseback in the Colorado Rockies. Then, for 20 years she wrangled daughters and new technologies in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains of Northern California. Now she wrangles spimes in cyberspace from her balcony over Lake Geneva in Montreux, Switzerland.

Christine usually wrangles with a team. It’s always an interesting process of linking the past and the present with the future.

What We Do

We provide industry-specific knowledge and services packaged the way businesses in fast-moving markets need them—concise, concrete and actionable. Companies leverage the value they receive from working with us in business plans and formulating a variety of mission-critical decisions. Christine leads and joins teams working collaboratively to advance business prospects in new technology markets.

We offer investors, service providers and technology vendors who want to expand their mobile augmented reality communications and community opportunities the tools and the professional partnerships that they need.

Based on client and project needs and timelines, we work with a variety of internal experts, consultants and publishers to match skills and meet deadlines.

Turn to PEREY Research & Consulting when you need a partner that:

  • provides deep, specialized, qualitative and quantitative industry-level expertise
  • conducts custom market research and keeps clients informed
  • performs all forms of risk and opportunity analyses, and
  • builds and maintains senior management contacts in all focus areas to enable you to develop strategic alliances and profitable partnerships

How We Begin Working Together

Tell us about yourself and your company. Then, we will find a theme or topic on which to anchor our collaboration. It might be an object or an idea.

It might be an event or an initiative. We will build a project and invite the tribe.

About Christine

Christine Perey is an evangelist with over 20 years’ experience in new multimedia communications markets and technologies.

Perey has authored over 100 feature articles on the topic of multimedia communications and is frequently quoted in trade and business media. She is an invited speaker at industry events and serves on panels and committees dedicated to the advancement of rich media experiences in business and consumer markets.

She was the publisher and editor of the QuickTime Forum from 1991-1993 and the founder of the QuickTime Movie Festival.
From 1993 to 2004, she was a leading advocate for personal video communications, working with prominent vendors to expand the market for use of video in daily life. Perey co-authored the Personal Mobile Video Communications market research report published by Wainhouse Research in 2006.

In 2007 she prepared the Informa Telecoms & Media market research report Mobile Social Networking: Communities and Content on the Move, published by Informa in January 2008.

In 2008 Perey co-founded Mobile Monday Switzerland with Claude Florin and other volunteers. She also prepared the Informa Telecoms & Media market research report Mobile Social Networking: Business, Technology and Mobile Operator Strategies, published by Informa in September 2009.

Perey has chaired and co-chaired dozens of community events. For example, she chaired the W3C Workshop on the Future of Social Networking, conducted January 15-16, 2009, which led to the development of the Open Social Web Incubator Group. She also was the chair of the Mobile Committee of the ISMAR 09 conference where she conducted the Mobile Magic Wand Augmented Reality Workshop. She has been a volunteer chair and participated in six ISMAR conferences since 2006. She founded and was the organizer of the Swiss Augmented Reality Meetup Group.

Perey has continued her industry and market development activities with an emphasis on mobile AR while initiating new research activities in the areas of ubiquitous computing, calm technology and the Internet of Things for the mass market. In 2011, she co-founded the Internet of Things Zurich Meetup Group.

Perey is currently the chair of the AR Standards Community and serves clients worldwide.