This project seeks to enable a large group of companies and other organizations that have not taken into account the rise of mobile AR in their planning process to explore how they might contribute to and adjust their strategies in order to excel in a just and healthy future wherein everyone will be able to acquire (capture), publish and receive/combine digital assets in real time and synchronized with their physical world surroundings.

A group of volunteers and consultants will collaborate in person and remotely on the development of a few of the most likely scenarios for mobile, personalized information capture and delivery with Augmented Reality in the year 2020. At the conclusion of the project, a document, the “IEEE AR in 2020 Scenario,” will be published.

Get Involved

There will be two in-person meetings designed to permit a small group of experts to collaborate on the preparation of one or more scenarios. These meetings will take place in Geneva, Switzerland on Friday February 21 and in Barcelona, Spain on Friday February 28. For more details and to participate in these meetings, contact Christine Perey.

In addition, we invite anyone wishing to contribute to the process of scenario development to join the above meetings remotely via Google HangOut, or to submit inputs electronically.

Position Papers and Talks

Papers and talks submitted via this page must succinctly:

  • identify the forces that will have the greatest potential impact on the successful introduction and widespread adoption of Augmented Reality in enterprise and consumer use cases in the next 5 years (by 2020)
  • identify the greatest uncertainties or risks leading to the delay of AR adoption for 5 years or more and
  • identify the most likely signs of progress towards adoption (what does the headline in your newspaper in 2016 and 2018 read?)

Contributions must ALSO depict one or more of the following:

  • an Augmented Day in 2020 (see Rick Smolan’s Day in the Life projects)
  • the profitable AR-assisted company’s structure, business model, customers, resources/constraints

To upload a position paper, complete this form.

If you have prepared a talk, please publish it on YouTube and complete this form.