Augmented Reality is a highly active field of research and development on which we’ve been focused for over a decade. In 2017, the rate of change is accelerating, the activity in the segment is frenetic.

  • Exciting new AR services and products are rapidly being introduced by large corporations such as Microsoft, Google, Intel, Samsung, Amazon, Sony and IBM. Apple and Facebook are rumored to be working on their AR breakout solutions to be introduced this year.
  • New companies determined to disrupt the status quo with AR are looking for resources to support their development and, when the time is right, their launches.

As a result of these trends:

  • Deciding where, when and how to proceed is getting more complex.
  • For AR inventors, investors and customers, exposure to risk from a variety of threats is increasing.

Patents are precious sources of commercially-sensitive technological and legal information that can shed light on difficult questions.


PEREY Research & Consulting’s Augmented Reality Patent Landscape Report (AR PLR) is the first and deepest intellectual property assessment based on big data analytics performed on nearly 20,000 patents covering AR-enabling technologies and systems, and many neighboring domains.

The AR PLR answers burning business intelligence questions being asked by the best investors and strategic advisors who are working with AR technology inventors and integrators.

  • In which topic areas are the leaders’ intellectual property assets already firmly anchored?
  • Who has the most elegant solutions to address the thorniest problems?
  • Where are the gaps in intellectual property that could be filled with new patents?
  • Who is the best partner or target for acquisition to fill a gap in a company’s IP portfolio?
  • Are your ideas, or those of the inventors with whom you are considering doing a deal, truly new and unique?

Our AR PLR provides a comprehensive strategic perspective of the Augmented Reality segment, including comparison of the current patent families of leading technology companies such as those in the table below.

Apple Magic Leap
Baidu Meta
DAQRI Metaio
ETRI Microsoft
Facebook Microvision
Google (Alphabet) Nokia
HP Osterhout Group
Huwawei Qualcomm
IBM Samsung
Kopin Siemens
LG Electronics Sony


All filings in 52 countries, including USA and China, are included.

Using our expertise in the field of AR and the big data analytics platform of our partner, CENTREDOC, we have gathered all relevant patents globally into a simple three-part classification framework:

  • Authoring and publishing tools, processes, methods and systems,
  • Experience delivery components, devices and systems, and
  • Applications and use cases.

PEREY Research & Consulting’s full AR PLR is available as a downloadable PDF document with or without a companion service offering. The secure, cloud-hosted companion service brings all the topics and subtopics in the framework, as well as individual patents, into full view.

Using the service delivery platform permits customers to search, sort, save and export patents. The report itself and all supporting documents are available exclusively to holders of a secure AR PLR account for either:

  • one quarter (90-days), or
  • one year (12 months), during which there will be at least one complete update to the AR PLR.

Bespoke Research

Is your inquiry going to require special attention? Custom patent landscape research, analyses and reports may be prepared upon request. Fees are negotiated based on scope, depth and deadlines.


Pre-tax pricing for the options described above are in the table below.

Price in CHF   Price in €
AR PLR CHF 1800 €1850
AR PLR with 90-day data access CHF 2400 €2470
AR PLR with 12-month data access  CHF 4000 €4100

Availability and Payment

The AR PLR is under development by PEREY Research & Consulting. The final report and, if purchased, access to all patents and supporting documents via the AR PLR service portal will be available on or before July 5, 2017.

Payment using credit card via shopping cart permits immediate access to the full AR PLR. Customers seeking to settle payment via purchase orders and fund transfer to IBAN are invited to contact us.

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