The  3D Geospatial Geneva Showcase features the achievements of developers using advanced mobile technology in the city of Geneva to illustrate current state-of-the-art for in-situ capture, analysis and visualization of geospatial and geospatially-referenced data.

Organized by PEREY Research & Consulting, this activity aggregates data sets from open, public and private sources, and offers everyone the opportunity to build services illustrating the latest innovations using open standards, open source technologies and proprietary solutions. The experimental or commercial services/experiences registered with the showcase as "projects" using this form were featured during a public event on Wednesday June 11, 2014 from 6 to 7:30 PM and remain described on this Web site for promotional purposes. The software and services are also be available for viewing by appointment in Geneva.

What does this portal provide?

  • Showcase goals and background,
  • Pointers to data sets provided with permission for use in the 3D Geospatial Geneva Showcase,
  • Guidelines to consider when developers are creating new services to be featured on this site and demonstrated during the Showcase event,
  • Form with which to submit (describe) showcase projects,  
  • Registration form to attend June 11, 2014 showcase event, and
  • Other supporting information.

We post regular updates about our status on the project blog.

  • Contact us

    If you seek information about the project, please send e-mail to Christine Perey.