A community for the advancement of open and interoperable AR is working together actively.

As it is a grassroots initiative, there is no formal administrative structure for this community. These pages serve as a digital repository of information that the community gathers/contributes.

All those who are currently working towards open Augmented Reality content and experiences are invited to present the status of their activities and participate in this active global community. Additionally, companies and individuals who are interested or wish to contribute their projects to the advancement of interoperable AR are welcome.


The AR Community:

  • collects/monitors progress and activities across a wide variety of SDOs (and relevant industry groups which provide open interfaces for AR experiences) in a consistent fashion with a special emphasis on
    1. detecting complementary work/redundant or overlapping work, and then
    2. providing a neutral/grass roots driven environment (platform) in which leaders of initiatives can explore ways to coordinate activities and reconcile areas of overlap or conflicts
  • provides, where and when necessary, inputs to SDOs and communities interested in open and interoperable AR (some of these inputs are the community resources–see Resources tab of this portal)
  • detects the emergence of and provide a centralized place/forum for the expression of needs from the AR development community including obstacles to the growth of AR.


Q: How does the AR Community meet its objectives?

  • we maintain this portal
  • we maintain and nurture seven mailing lists for the community
  • we organize and conduct periodic virtual meetings
  • we organize and conduct periodic face-to-face meetings
  • we inform other communities of this work via presentations and papers.

Q: How does the visitor to the AR Community web site find concrete outputs of the community such as the resources and the documentation of community activity on mailing list and the meetings?

See the resources page.

Visit the page of emerging standards for open and interoperable AR that the AR Community tracks.

See the archives of AR Community discussion mailing list.

The next meeting of the community has not been scheduled. The most recent face-to-face meeting of the community took place October 6 and 7, 2015 in Seoul, Korea. Visit the agenda page on which we have compiled all the presentations used during this meeting.

Q: What is the current status?

Task force members are collaborating in different areas and monitoring activities in other groups. 

Q: How can I get involved?

To learn of ongoing activities as well as to receive alerts about upcoming milestones and events, please check (or join) the public community announcements and discussion mailing lists.

Review the materials of the most recent AR Community Meeting in Seoul, Korea on October 6 and 7, 2015.

Plan to participate in the next AR Community Meeting.