When a new technology capability is primarily driven by research, many of the components are changing rapidly but not tested for mass market suitability. As technology for Augmented Reality matures and becomes the basis of mass market solutions and services, some of the basic elements need to be stabilized, published as standards or open industry interfaces in order for systems to scale and for the needs of industry segments to be met.

Participants in the AR ecosystem are beginning to call for open AR interfaces and data formats which operate consistently across a variety of different AR development environments, use cases and end user platforms (desktop, mobile, etc).

Before and during the process of standards development, a global view of all related standards activities needs to be assembled (and then maintained), providing those who are implementing draft standards in their projects and products for commercial applications, a complete catalog of all relevant specifications and potential liaisons.

A community has formed to examine activities across different constituencies and by working together, to significantly advance the development of standards for Augmented Reality content publishers and application developers, using existing work as much as possible and reducing the need to re-invent.