When a company seeks to reach beyond its comfort zone, or to engage in new areas of development or business where it does not command the necessary knowledge, then working with others who are experts in the field can accelerate ramp-up time and avoid costly detours or mistakes.

We are ideally suited to help companies find their bearings and plan for successful futures in the specific industry niches on which we focus.

Management Consulting

We provide management consulting services on a custom project and retainer basis. During our engagement with your organization we become members of your leadership team, working side-by-side with the team members to solve problems and identify new opportunities.

We become your eyes and ears in markets that you do not have the expertise to explore. We filter the conversation and the buzz and we bring relevant insight back to your team’s attention. Senior executives have the opinions of an experienced marketing and sales strategist within reach.

We breathe the air within your company. As management consultants, we live in the trenches with the executive team, providing the extra cycles necessary to pull together all the required elements to quickly answer questions, raise overlooked issues or address potential problems.

As advisors to your management team, we are always looking for ways you can adjust strategies to take advantage of new developments and to win more business. Our professional network becomes yours, with customized introductions to new business allies and partners. We have a proven track record in helping companies move from footnotes to leaders.

Our management consulting service specifically focuses on:

  • strategic plan development and execution
  • identification and management of new opportunities for growth
  • increasing revenue streams
  • reducing time-to-market
  • re-aligning value chain and partner positioning
  • development of new sales support and training tools
  • brand recognition and business visibility
  • community development

Market Research

Knowledge and insight are our bread and butter. Our well-honed research techniques and the latest knowledge-management tools let us to get up to speed on your questions quickly. We can present you with our domains of expertise and determine where and how you fit in.

Business landscapes are alive. Knowing the position you occupy in your industry makes it easier to find those around you with whom you may have shared interests. It is also necessary when planning your next strategic move.

Looking to acquire or sell a critical technology?
Looking for a new market to adopt your products or services?

We provide real-time “portraits” of industry landscapes and are continually monitoring and adjusting our view of your world.

We anticipate and track the evolution of all domains developing and using augmented reality technology. We continually analyze the impacts of various trends on the augmented reality, precise positioning and Internet of Things markets and segments of interest.

Our industry- and segment-specific knowledge and services are packaged the way businesses in fast-moving markets need them: concise, concrete and actionable. Companies leverage the value they receive from PEREY Research & Consulting products in business plans and when formulating a variety of mission-critical decisions.

Our research produces customized:

  • risk and opportunity analyses
  • competitive and partner landscapes
  • market size models
  • channel health analysis
  • product strength, weaknesses and gap reports based on rigorous feature analyses

Convene People

In order for a business to grow, it is often necessary for the market to expand as well. Market and industry development may take longer than anticipated, or suffer from lack of fundamental elements such as financial resources, guidelines and best practices, open platforms and Application Programming Interfaces or standards.

PEREY Research & Consulting conducts campaigns designed to gather the right people and to assist and accelerate the growth of the markets on which the group focuses.

Our market education and expansion services target both the demand and supply side of the ecosystem. We raise awareness of new applications, convene developers and executives to a neutral forum for discussion and promote our industry in the media and blogosphere.

Our market expansion activities include:

  • preparing reports and white papers for key target audiences
  • launching industry associations and Meetup groups
  • getting key trends featured by the media and seen by industry influencers
  • making public presentations to a wide variety of audiences
  • organizing and chairing events that are focused on progress
    • workshops for public or private/invitation-only participants
    • seminars for channel partners or sales forces
    • conferences and other public meetings

Lead Initiatives for Industry Growth

We take time and invest heavily in each of the focus areas in which we serve clients.

We often initiate innovation projects designed to accelerate the development of markets.
Learn more about these here.