Is Google the first company to introduce personal displays you wear on your head? 

Come to our special May 29, 2013 reception at the Eyebeam Arts + Technology Center and see for yourself more than 40 unique samples of head-mounted, personal displays spanning over 20 years.

Why now? Why me?

This is a unique time to explore the history of the personal head-worn display technology category, from a perspective of functionality, industrial design and usability, and to look into the future and contemplate the "augmented human," with electronically-assisted vision.

You will want to see these collections for yourself because you are ready to project yourself into another world!

Is this reception part of a larger event?

We organized this special evening reception in conjunction with the Ninth AR Standards Community meeting taking place at Columbia University (Host: Dr. Steve Feiner) on May 29 and 30th. During the day we will be working to reduce the obstacles to the widespread adoption of new Augmented Reality solutions, and while we relax we want to share with you the many generations of products that led us to where we are today.

These collections include models of head-worn displays for a range of different uses (virtual reality, stereo video, augmented reality) and industries (defense, entertainment, manufacturing, training). Some were commercially distributed and others are "one of a kind" built for special projects.

How can I participate?

Members of the community who are already assembled for our two-day meeting are our guests at this event. If you can't be part of our meeting but want to attend this one night unique retrospective, that's not a problem. This is an open event and all are welcome!

Purchase your ticket before May 28 by going directly to the AR Standards Community meeting registration page.  Select the number of tickets you want ($25/person) and checkout. When the doors open at 7 PM your name will be on our guest list at the door.

We will be serving a variety of beverages and light snacks.

Press/media passes available upon request.

Thank you

This special AR Standards Community-organized showcase would not be possible without the valuable contributions of collectors, volunteers and sponsors. Our showcase has received the support of Dr. Steve Feiner (Computer Graphics and UI Lab, Columbia University), Paul Travers (Vuzix), Dan Cui, Chris Grayson (Telepathy), Christine Perey (PEREY Research & Consulting), Pete Wassell (Augmate), Borislava Krasteva (Seac02), Marko Tandefelt (Eyebeam Art + Technology Center) and Qualcomm Corporation.