During this virtual AR Community meeting on Monday September 29, 2014 participants heard about the Mixed and Augmented Reality Reference Model, a draft standard specification under development in the ISO/IEC JTC1 Joint Ad Hoc Group for MAR Reference Model.

The archive of this meeting appears in the video window at the bottom of this page.

Co-editor Christine Perey (PEREY Research & Consulting) set the stage by describing the background, the obstacles that a reference model addresses and the scope of the Mixed and Augmented Reality Reference Model.

computational view point

Co-editor Marius Preda (Institute Mines-Telecom Sud-Paris) presented the high level conceptual model and introduce the document's parts.

Sang Chul Kang (SK Telecom) explained why the SK Telecom AR Browser is based on standards and demonstrated the mapping between the TAR Browser architecture and the MAR Reference Model.

Date/Times Speakers Agenda


September 29, 2014
2 AM Pacific US
5 AM Eastern US
11 AM Central European Time
5 PM Singapore, China
6 PM Korea, Japan


Christine Perey

Marius Preda

Sang Chul Kang


Why does AR need a
Reference Model?

Introduction to
the Reference Model

SK Telecom AR Browser
Architecture and mapping to
the Reference Model


Those who wish may consult the July 7, 2014 edition of the Mixed and Augmented Reality Reference Model that was descrbed during this meeting. 

This meeting was hosted and the recording created with the assistance of the IEEE Standards Association.IEEE-logo