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AR Standards Position Papers

Papers provide the basis for selecting speakers and the attendees will be
able to use paper contents as the basis for mapping the AR standards activities
as well as, in some cases, beginning discussions on strategies for solving
specific challenges.

Submitted papers will be reviewed by the AR Standards meeting program
committee. Reviewers' comments and recommendations will be provided to authors
and authors will be able to submit modified papers. Final AR Standards position
papers will be made available to all participants approximately one week prior
to the workshop via a Web site/download system in order to permit participants
to read in advance.

After the conclusion of the AR Standards meeting, final papers will be
digitally published to the International AR community and may be contributed
to standards bodies at authors' discretion.

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Paper Topics

Papers must be relevant to the topic of international AR standards, open
interfaces and platforms for Augmented Reality. They may make recommendations
regarding reuse of existing standards, make arguments for or against specific
strategies, propose new approaches and, optionally, contain examples.


Allowed formats are HTML/XHTML or PDF.

All papers must:

Submission procedure

Workshop paper, or the URL of the position paper if it is published on the Web in
HTML or PDF format, must be sent via e-mail to Christine Perey.

Each author of a paper which is on workshop relevant topics will receive
acknowledgement (notification of acceptance) e-mail from workshop chairs upon
submission of a paper which the program committee deems as meeting the guidelines
of the workshop.


All papers must be submitted on or before 5 PM UK time January 17, 2011.

Late position papers may be accepted depending on space availability.

Notifications with suggested modifications will be made promptly (within
one week of receipt of submission).

Terms and conditions

Submitting a paper constitutes acceptance of the terms below.