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At the conclusion of the first meeting of this community, participants
expressed a keen desire for there to be discussions and another face-to-face
meeting on the topic of open AR interfaces and data formats which operate
consistently across a variety of different AR development environments,
use cases and end user platforms (desktop, mobile, etc).

The next meeting of the AR standards experts and community will be
immediately following Mobile World Congress.

This page provides the public all information about the upcoming meeting.

All those who are currently working towards open interfaces via standards
bodies are invited to present the status of their activities. Companies and
individuals who are interested or wish to contribute their projects to the
advancement of AR standards are welcome.

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Meeting Goals

A global view of all AR standards activities, and activities not directly
designed for AR but extensible to AR use cases, needs to be maintained,
providing those who are implementing draft standards in their projects
and products a complete catalog of all relevant specifications and potential

This international meeting of experts provides a single forum for representatives
of all standards bodies and the contributors to AR standards development
processes to meet and discuss their activities and progress, and to advance
new specifications more rapidly than is possible without face-to-face interactions.

The meeting will permit experts to:

Call for Papers

This meeting will be based on a mixture of submitted papers, invited talks
and open format, group discussions. In order to inform discussions and to
select speakers, participants are encouraged, but not required, to submit papers.

Paper submissions must follow guidelines provided on this page.

Papers submitted using the workshop instructions will be reviewed by one or
more members of the Program Committee within one week of receipt of the paper. The
final date for papers is Monday, January 17, 2011 (one month prior to the workshop).

To Participate in the meeting of international AR Standards Experts

This is an open meeting, however, advanced registration and payment of a nominal
fee via Web is required.

Entry to the workshop, including all prepared content and participation in
sessions will be granted to those who complete this form.

Workshop Fees

There will be a fee of 99 Euros for participation in the International AR
Standards Meeting. Food and beverages will be provided to all participants at
no charge.

To inquire about or to pledge sponsorship, please contact Christine Perey, co-chair.

If a prospective participant does not have the financial resources to cover the
registration fee, a petition for fee waiver, including in-kind services or contribution
to the successful meeting the petitioner wishes to offer, should be sent via e-mail
to Christine Perey, co-chair.

Participants are required to pay for their own lodging and local transportation.

Workshop Agenda

The draft workshop agenda is available here. Updates will be made regularly
and the final schedule published on or before February 10, 2011.

Workshop Venue

The International AR Standards meeting will be held at Via Augusta 177
in the Telefonica I&D office building.

The meeting venue is very accessible from the Barcelona city center using
public transport, e.g. using FCC it takes from 5 to 10 minutes to get from the
city center (Plaza Cataluna) to the building in which the meeting will be conducted.

The Muntaner Station of the FCC transport system is located directly in front of
Via Augusta 177.

Workshop Host and Sponsoring

The co-chairs are very pleased that the AR Standards meeting is hosted by
Telefonica I&D.

In addition, we thank the Khronos Group for their assistance and sponsorship.

If your organization wishes to support the meeting, please contact Christine Perey
or complete this form as soon as possible.


We are unable to secure a block of rooms for attendees, however, we strongly
encourage participants to secure rooms early due to the high demand for lodging
during the Mobile World Congress.

Workshop Organization

Workshop sessions and documents will be in English.

All notifications to participants will be made by way of this web page, to the
AR Standards announcements mailing list, LinkedIn and posted to relevant
blogs and industry mailing lists.

Workshop Co-chairs

If you wish to provide assistance to the workshop and chair one or more sessions,
please notify Christine Perey, co-chair.

Program Committee Members

The papers submitted to the workshop will be reviewed by the program committee
which will select the most relevant papers and determine the order of discussion.

The program committee includes:

If you would like to contribute to the success of the workshop by being a member
of the program committee, please send e-mail to Christine Perey, co-chair.

Important Dates

Date                                           Event
15 November 2010          Meeting announced and information issued via Web site
17 January 2011          Paper submission deadline
30 January 2011          All paper notifications sent to authors
3 February 2011          Pre-workshop reading provided to participants
10 February 2011          Final schedule published
17 February 2011          Workshop opens at 1:30 PM

Comments or Questions?

Please address all comments and questions regarding the AR Standards meeting
via e-mail to Christine Perey, co-chair.