With Augmented Reality, the inhabitants and visitors of Basel will experience cleaner, smoother, higher quality lives based on interactive experiences facilitated by smartphones and tablets, digital content and the real world. Complete, fresh and detailed information, combining accurate positional data and, in some cases, social media, is available to the users of mobile Augmented Reality applications services—precisely where and when they want or need it.

On this site you will learn about an exciting project to showcase the powerful impacts of mobile AR applications for the citizens of Basel and the attendees of ISMAR2011. On these pages we describe:

This site also serves to connect the Augmented Reality for Basel (AR-4-Basel) project with Augmented Reality services and projects of similar or complementary nature in other regions.

Explore this web site for all the information you will need to begin working on the AR-4-Basel project. We look forward to your participation and contributions! If you have questions or comments, please contact Christine Perey.  If you are new to the topic and would like to discover more about mobile AR, you can find introductory information I have compiled on this page.