Developers who complete and submit exceptional AR experiences for Basel as part of the App Challenge will be eligible to receive prizes including software, tickets to upcoming AR events and reduced expenses trip to/stay in the city of Basel.

A Weekend for Two in Basel

The Basel Tourism Bureau will award a weekend for two in the city of Basel as a prize for the AR-4-Basel project. The weekend (exclusive of winner travel to Basel) includes a double room in a 4-star hotel in city center for a Friday or Saturday night (breakfast included). Dates and specific details to be arranged between the recipient and the Basel Tourism Bureau.



buzzAR will award 10 (ten) licenses of its commercial visual search platform based on natural feature tracking with up to 100,000 matches each, to winners of the AR-4-Basel Application Challenge. The buzzAR technology system is based on how humans detect images. As a result, the buzzAR algorithm is able to recognize images more quickly and in more different light conditions than comparable technologies proposed to date. This donation has a total value of € 80,000!

Beyond Reality

Beyond Reality NL is donating 5 (five) licenses of its In2AR Flash AS3 Library for Augmented Reality. In2AR allows you to detect images and estimate their pose using standard webcams/cameras. The pose information can be used to place 3D objects and/or videos onto the image and create Augmented Reality applications.


juanio Plugin

metaio will award one (one year) commercial license for junaio Plugin as a prize for the AR-4-Basel project. The junaio Plugin lets a 3rd party application (on iOS) display junaio channels. It uses the same code-base as junaio and therefore has the same features. The date of deployment will automatically be determined by the first day of activation of the plugin license. In this license package the usage is limited to 250,000 requests per year, 10,000 requests per day and 500 requests per minute. The Junaio Plugin is using the Junaio API so content will also appear automatically on the junaio app.

AR Toolkit

AR Toolworks will award ten annual licenses of AR Toolkit to be awarded as prizes for the AR-4-Basel project. The winners will be able to choose the ARToolworks library or toolkit which can be used to develop and distribute stand alone AR applications. The ARToolKit library is available for the Apple iOS (iPhone / iPod touch) and Android platforms. This allows developers to easily build AR experiences for mobile phones.

Layar will award 3 months of free usage of Layar Vision layers to 5 developers (1 layer per developer). In essence this means that any developer who wins this award will be able (after Layar Vision is commercial) to use the Layar Vision on any layer without usage fees for 3 months. More information about Layar Vision.

Conference Tickets

AR Today

empea in partnership with CeBIT is donating two full conference passes to the 2011 edition of AR Today, a one day business oriented conference on Augmented Reality taking place in the Messe Congress Center on Oct 26.

The University of Applied Sciences of Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW) is the host of ISMAR11 taking place in Basel Oct 26-29 2011. The institute of Design and Art Research of the FHNW is generously donating one full conference pass to this important AR research event. The prize will be awarded to the developer for the best application for use by ISMAR attendees. In addition to attending the conference, the winner of this prize will also have the opportunity to show their AR experience as part of the ISMAR Demo programme.

The Augmented Reality Event is one of the important industry gathering places where businesses in this space showcase their latest achievements and announce upcoming developments. Of course, innovative mobile AR experiences, such as the submissions to the Application Challenge, are among the highlights of this conference. The organizers of the annual Augmented Reality Event are generously donating two full conference passes to the Spring 2012 edition of the Augmented Reality Event to winners of the AR-4-Basel project. Perhaps they will be able to apply their experiences to produce an AR-4-Santa Clara experience!