Data sets

One of the most fundamental requirements of an Augmented Reality experience is the ability for the user's device to "recognize" the circumstances, the context of the user. Without the recognition of the real world, Augmented Reality does not exist.

The second fundamental requirement is there be an "augmentation" that is brought to the user when the context of the user matches the conditions established by the developer of the AR experience.

The Real World is multidimensional

The user context in the real world is composed of many, many factors.

In order for the advanced AR application developer to build highly compelling and accurate augmentations, the augmentations need to be anchored to (and synchronized with changes in) the real world conditions– the physical world components of the user's context.

The relevant features from the user's real world environment are important at two points in the AR process:

  • when the AR developer is designing/building the experience(s) and
  • when the user's device is monitoring the context or environment in real time.

When a "match" is found between the real world features the application designer chose for augmentation and the user's context, an Augmented Reality experience is produced.

Using highly accurate data sets, many of which are 3 dimensional, an AR developer can:

  • create augmentations based on physical world features which are portrayed (simulated) in the 3D model without physically going to the location in question,
  • choose many more fine grain features on which to "build" or augment the user's environment.

Basel City Data Sets

Several data sets are available for the city of Basel through the AR-4-Basel project:

Land and Survey office (GVA) of the Canton of Basel-Stadt

The Land and Survey office of the Canton of Basel-Stadt is the producer and manager of many rich data sets. A set of "default" data are being made available to the developers of AR applications and experiences as part of the AR-4-Basel project. Learn more about the default data here.

Are you interested in other Land and Survey office data? To explore the entire catalog of the Land and Survey office, you can go to the German (one of the two legal languages of the city and cantonal administration) home page for the data set here.

If you seek to read the catalog after it is translated by Google Translate to English, you will find it here. From this page in English, you can browse other parts of the GeoPortal provided by the Land and Survey office.

The data sets listed in this catalog are available for use to those developers who complete the Land and Survey Office data request memo/contract.

Industrielle Werke of Basel (IWB)

The IWB is the provider of water and energy in Basel and the region of North West Switzerland. Its services include electricity, natural gas, district heating, drinking water and telecom services. The company combines safety, economics and innovation to provide customers sustainable energy and enhanced energy efficiency.

IWB makes the data sets of two regions of Basel available for the AR-4-Basel project. Learn more about the IWB data sets here.

Basel Tourism (BT)

Basel Tourism is the provider of products and services for visitors to the City of Basel. The bureau is responsible for making these services and information available in offices located in Basel as well as on-line through its portal

For the AR-4-Basel project, the Basel Tourism in collaboration with the Land and Survey office, is providing the complete data set which currently populates the city's iPhone CityGuide application. Learn more about the BT data set here.

GTA Geoinformatik (GTA)

GTA Geoinformatik is working with companies, government agencies and universities to build and expand the market for 3D city models and 3D landmarks. Using its general concept for 3D city models, GTA provides uniquely targeted views for different needs based on the common underlying data sets. The company's software suite, tridicon 3D, is provided under license and GTA also offers a portfolio of 3D services for businesses and government administrations.

For the AR-4-Basel project, GTA is the provider of the CityGML model of the city of Basel. To request the use of the GTA 3D city model of Basel, complete the information and submit this agreement form. Learn more about GTA City Models here.

Congress Center Basel (MCH)

The Congress Center Basel is a world class convention and meeting center for groups of any size. The Congress Center and the Exhibition space are the venue for over 50 events per year.

On Oct 26-29, ISMAR11, the International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality, was held in the Congress Center Basel.

For the AR-4-Basel project, AR developers can access and utilize the floor plans of any public space in the Congress Center. To obtain plans, click on the name of the room or space from the menu on this page.

Additional Data Sets

As part of the AR-4-Basel project, we are seeking to work with other public and private data providers. We will maintain on this web page a list and links to those partners who agree to supply their data sets on non-commercial terms.

If you are a provider of points of interest data for the Basel city or canton, you are invited to contact Christine Perey for more information.