October 14 News Bulletin

We are pleased to provide you with an update regarding activities of partners and developers taking advantage of the unique framework provided by the AR-4-Basel project. 

Data Set Partners

Our data set partners are core to the project and continue to support this initiative in a valuable fashion. Although the developer challenge deadline is only in 24 hours (Oct 15) we want to assure everyone that if there is interest in going further and developing experiences with the data sets, they are available under the same license agreement until Oct 25, 2012. In other words, these data sets can be obtained by completing the personal information at the bottom of an agreement and confirming that you agree to the terms by pressing the submit button. All the data request/agreement forms can be found on this page.

In the past several days, our founding partner, the Land and Cadastre Survey office of Basel, partnered with virtualcitySYSTEMS, to produce a special new opportunity. As of today, AR developers can use a 3D model of our two target regions of Basel which was developed on the basis of Lidar data.

3D models of Basel

What can 3D models provide AR developers and the users of AR experiences? To get our reply to this question and to understand one of the key motivations for the project as a whole, please visit this page.

The latest development on this front is that the Basel city Lidar data set and the Digital Terrain models were used by virtualcitySYSTEMS to create 3D models which are accurate to LOD 2 in portraying precisely what the areas in Basel look like as of when the Lidar scan was performed. Unlike a totally synthesized 3D model which only estimates the real world based on the building base and roofs, the 3D model on the basis of Lidar shows what's really there.

If you wish to download the 3D models developed on the basis of Lidar, you can complete this agreement form. When we reply to your e-mail request, you will gain access via the GVA extranet (by using the user ID and password we issue you). The directory contains the 3D models in KMZ, CityGML and ESRI .shp file formats.

Image data sets

Thanks to the Land and Survey office of Basel's support we also have a full geo-referenced image data set which can be used for natural feature recognition. The Basel city buildings photographs is available for AR experiences in low and medium resolution file sizes. To learn more about the building gallery, please visit this page.


This week the volunteers in Basel were testing experiences we have received. If you are interested in testing experiences in Basel, please contact Florian.

The volunteers will continue testing and provide feedback so that developers can modify or improve their AR experiences before these are reviewed by the judges and the general public.

Submission Form

We hope that you have already begun to design your AR-4-Basel experiences and will be submitting those to us soon.
The Application Challenge is ready and operating. Use this form to submit before the deadline on October 15.