October 7 News Bulletin

Summer is over and the brisk temperatures of fall have come to Basel! Whatever the season, Augmented Reality developers from around the world–from Western Europe, India, Australia and North America–continue to request and download the data sets through our framework.

Data Set Partners

In our previous news bulletin we expressed how important our data set partners are to this project in the sense that their data is proposed as a key ingredient to new AR experiences for Basel. In this bulletin we are pleased to report that the first indoor data set is available.

The Congress Center Basel, managed by the MCH Group, has granted any developer permission to create experiences for the future attendees of meetings and conferences, using the public spaces of the venue. If a developer seeks greater details, these can be provided on request on a case-by-case basis. We learned that due to security policies, the backstage and service areas of the facility are not available, at least not for developing AR applications for use by venue visitors. If you would like to build an AR experience for security enforcement, that might be a different matter!

Our buildings, outdoor landmark and infrastructure data sets are awesome! Follow these links and check out the descriptions before your request them:

Image data sets

Thanks to the Land and Survey office of Basel, our first partner, we have now a full geo-referenced image data set which you can explore. The Basel city buildings photographs is available for AR experiences in low and medium resolution file sizes. To learn more about the building gallery, please visit this page.

If you prefer to work with images which we took in the city center area on Sept 29, you can also download this file.


Our volunteer coordinator, Florian Müller, founder of Vanamco, is leading a group outing on Oct 10 to test applications received by that date. Please contact Florian.

Why do you care about volunteers? The AR-4-Basel project experiences will be tested first hand in the city by experience designers, hotel management students and other independent volunteers. Developers will receive feedback on many aspects of their experiences (e.g., performance, interaction design, etc) from these volunteers. Using this immediate feedback, you will be able to improve your AR experience for the judges and the general public.

Press Release

On October 4, 2011 we issued a press release about the AR-4-Basel project. We placed special emphasis on the fact that we now have 15 new project partners and we thank them for their support in the form of data sets and/or prizes. Check out the Prizes page today!

Check out the very exciting offerings on their respective pages. Go to the description of the donations and get ready to win these valuable licenses, tickets and prizes!

Submission Form

So, get your data sets and start designing your award winning experiences soon!
The Application Challenge is ready and operating. Use this form to submit before the deadline on October 15.