September 23 News Bulletin

It's been a busy couple of weeks in Basel!

Data Set Partners

Our data set partners form the core of this project in the sense that their data is proposed as a key ingredient to new AR experiences for Basel. Over the past two weeks we've been exploring how to obtain indoor data sets for developers to use.

We envisage that indoor data sets would help:

  • visitors in a large museum find the area of an exhibition of highest interest to them,
  • attendees of a large tradeshow or conference would be able to more quickly find the vendors or meeting rooms they are looking for,
  • people navigating an airport would get to their gates sooner…

You get the idea? The indoor data could be static, in the case of an exhibition space, or live in the case of an airport or a shopping center with new special sale items.

The use cases are rich, but these data are not easy to obtain! If you have any suggestions for how to source these indoor data sets in Basel or in any other urban area, please contact us.

Our buildings, outdoor landmark and infrastructure data sets are awesome! Follow these links and check out the descriptions before your request them:

If you are interested in image data sets, please get in touch soon as those are being developed in collaboration with BuzzAR and are made available upon request.


Our volunteer coordinator, Florian Müller, founder of Vanamco, is organizing pre-testing training sessions with classes. The IMI-Luzern Hotel Management Institute class of Lukas Ritzel, has already been out on its first pre-test session. Do you want to volunteer to test the AR Experiences in Basel? Please contact Florian.

Why do you care about volunteers? The AR-4-Basel project experiences will be tested first hand in the city by experience designers, hotel management students and other independent volunteers. Developers will receive feedback on many aspects of their experiences (e.g., performance, interaction design, etc) from these volunteers. Using this immediate feedback, you will be able to improve your AR experience for the judges and the general public.


We know that you've been eager to know what prizes are available. We have received new donations from project partners and from several AR tools providers who want to encourage you to create exciting experiences for Basel.

Check out the Prizes page today!

Our most recent donations (when combined worth over € 95'000) are made by BuzzAR and Beyond Reality, provider of In2AR. The Augmented Reality Event (ARE) is offering a free pass to its 2012 event in Silicon Valley!

Check out the very exciting offerings on their respective pages. Go to the description of the donations and get ready to win these valuable licenses, tickets and prizes!

Submission Form

So, get your data sets and start designing your award winning experiences!
The Application Challenge is ready and operating. Use this form to submit before October 8 for maximum tester feedback.