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The Mobile AR Summit @ISMAR2010 is the third in a series of industry
events designed to assess the status of Mobile AR commercialization and
to foster open discussion and collaboration among ecosystem participants.

This summit provides the forum in which to examine indicators of commercial
growth, set in context by way of presentations by invited speakers.

Discussion sessions will focus on sharing best practices and developing
guidelines for the rapid, sustainable growth of mobile AR in a wide range
of applications for consumers and enterprises.

During the summit participants will also be able to demonstrate/experience
some of the latest commercial mobile AR applications and services.


Since erupting in the second half of 2009, mobile AR has received a great deal of attention from bloggers, media and early technology adopters. Today, many conumsers have heard of and even tried mobile AR personally on their smartphones. Providers of software and application development services are generating revenues, several have received substantial investments from venture capitalists and some even report that they are profitable.

But not all the obstacles have been overcome. There remain significant business and technological barriers to growth:

Goals of this Summit

This summit provides a single forum for all stakeholders to meet and discuss the future of commercial Mobile Augmented Reality, present their contributions, and set future directions for collaboration.

Towards these ends, the Summit seeks to:

To Participate in the Mobile AR Summit

This is an ISMAR2010 workshop. Entry to the summit, including receiving all prepared content and participation in discussion sessions, is open to those who register and hold a pass for the ISMAR2010 workshops.

Passes are purchased via the ISMAR2010 registration portal.

Registration fee prior to September 9, 2010

IEEE members           Non-members
          $200                         $300

Registration fee after September 9, 2010

IEEE members           Non-members
          $250                         $350

Although not a requirement for participation, registered participants are highly encouraged to prepare and submit short position papers before October 1, 2010. More information about Mobile AR Summit Position Papers and submission instructions can be found here.

No later than October 3, 2010, instructions on how to download the compiled position papers will be posted to the Summit web site and sent to participants who submitted papers by e-mail.

To Speak

The Summit organizers will develop the presentations and make decisions about all summit content prepared in advance. Speakers are currently being invited.

If you feel that you have a compelling case study or wish to nominate a company representative to speak during the summit, contact the Mobile AR Summit co-chairs.

Invited speakers will have a place reserved in the Summit, however, they will still need to register and pay the workshop participation fee via the ISMAR2010 registration portal.

The draft summit schedule is available here. Updates will be made regularly and the final schedule published on or before September 30, 2010.

To Participate in Mobile AR Showcase

Registered summit participants are invited to demonstrate their latest commercial mobile AR application or service during the Mobile AR Showcase session.

Complete the fields in the Showcase form.

Summit Organization

Summit sessions and documents will be in English.

All notifications to participants will be made by way of this web page and posted to relevant blogs and industry mailing lists.

Summit Co-chairs

Important Dates

Date                                           Event
1 August 2010 Summit announced and information issued via Web site
9 September 2010 Deadline for Early ISMAR2010 Registration
30 September 2010 Final schedule published
1 October 2010 Deadline for Position Papers
3 October 2010 Position Papers posted to Web site
13 October 2010 9 AMSummit begins

To Keep up to date

If you would like to receive regular mailings with status updates on the Mobile AR Summit, including notifications when this site is modified, please complete this form and your e-mail will enter the mailing list.

You can also obtain updates via Twitter. Monitor the hashtag #ISMARmobilesummit

Comments or Questions?

Please address all comments and questions regarding the Mobile AR Summit via e-mail to Christine Perey, co-chair.